Beyond Earnings and Opportunities: Why Collaboration Is the Path to Sustainable Growth

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By Sharika Mubarack

Competition is healthy, however, collaboration is priceless!

Collaboration is the process of working together with others to achieve a common goal. In contrast, competition is the act of striving to achieve a goal by outperforming others. While competition can have its place in certain contexts, collaboration is often a more powerful and effective approach in many situations. 

I have realized that most others do not realize how far one can go when you network and share strengths. Most professionals do not want to share information with peers or others, simply believing that sharing knowledge or hacks with others will limit them from their own earnings or opportunities. 

However, little do they realize that every person is unique. A person’s strengths are unique, their capabilities are different. From a spiritual perspective, we are taught that what is meant for you will always reach you and sustenance isn’t in your control. 

Therefore, when there is an opportunity to share synergy, do jump at it. Alone you may walk fast, together you walk far!

Why Collaboration Is The Path To Sustainable Growth Why Collaboration Is The Path To Sustainable Growth