The Entrepreneur’s Mindset: Embracing Creativity, Curiosity, and Adaptability

The Entrepreneur's Mindset: Embracing Creativity, Curiosity, and Adaptability

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By Sharika Mubarack

Be like water’ says Bruce Lee! This came up at our goal-setting session at Aqcellor yesterday. As entrepreneurs, we can’t be fixated on certain ideas or mindsets. It needs to adapt through challenges or changing circumstances. Creativity and curiosity are the core of entrepreneurship. 

This I believe is true even in life. Our life circumstances will never remain static. It will change. Therefore, our thoughts too like water need to be flexible enough to flow through cracks, and dents and grow through it all. If we remain stubborn on certain mindsets, we will never be able to adapt and grow. 

Therefore, be formless like water, adapting your shape into any vessel you are poured into. Adapt through any circumstance in life and never underestimate the power of being like water, because water can crash as much as it can flow!

the-entrepreneurs-mindset-embracing-creativity-curiosity-and-adaptability the-entrepreneurs-mindset-embracing-creativity-curiosity-and-adaptability