Colombo-based startup accelerator Aqcellor is launching its Entrepreneurship-Building Program in March 2023. Aqcellor is the educational arm of product development company 10QBIT.

This is a carefully curated program aimed at building and empowering the latent talent, skills and abilities of budding entrepreneurs. While startup ideas abound, entrepreneurs often lack the knowledge and network to get their projects off the ground. Thus, the initial focus of the Aqcellor program will be to identify the knowledge and talent gaps of existing and potential entrepreneurs.

Thereafter, the Aqcellor program will offer participants a well-rounded curriculum including how to create a pitch deck for investors, writing a business plan, conducting market and financial analyses, and goal setting, in addition to presentation, negotiation, communication and leadership skills.

Aqcellor Co-Founder and President South-East Asia, Sharika Mubarack explains, “At Aqcellor, we understand the crucial role that knowledge resources play in the success of any business. We believe that entrepreneurs who have access to the right information, data, and insights are better equipped to make strategic decisions and stay ahead of competition.”

Those interested in securing a place in the program can call 076 784 8752 by February 28, as intake is limited.