COLOMBO, SRI LANKA, November 25, 2022 / — UK-based intelligent software solutions provider, 10QBIT, recently announced the launch of its accelerator program ‘Aqcellor’ in Sri Lanka. The focus of the Aqcellor program is to fuel fresh, local talent and growth. The venture brings together multiple experts from across the globe who are committed to build and retain top-notch talent, skills and potential in the country.

Sanj Chandran, CEO of 10QBIT, has recognised the immediate and undeniable need in Sri Lanka for better innovation, the unleashing of talent and for increased productivity. What makes Aqcellor unique from other accelerator programs in the market, is its undying commitment to build on talent and ideas, as opposed to buying and fixing price tags on business ideas. The program caters to all individuals, regardless of the stage their business idea might be in. It aspires to facilitate guidance, resources, tech savviness, mentoring and investment opportunities for such businesses.

The initial focus of the Aqcellor program will be to identify the knowledge and talent gaps of existing and potential entrepreneurs.
By 2023, Aqcellor will initiate its support of upcoming businesses by creating new digital experiences for aspiring entrepreneurs and their ventures, through the creation of tech solutions and prototypes. Further, it hopes to drive innovation and efficiencies across businesses by providing entrepreneurs with research, mentoring, funding, training and industry know-how.

Aqcellor is headed by Sanju Hettigedara Co-founder and Director, Aqcellor South-East Asia, and Sharika Mubarack, Co-founder and President, Aqcellor South-East Asia. The team firmly believes that it is never too late to build on a business dream and through this program, the common pitfalls that new entrepreneurs face can be avoided. On a final note, Aqcellor emphasises its core message, ‘We don’t buy you. We build you.’